Why is Bloomingdale Cleaners' Service different from other cleaners?
We ensure your clothes will have no creases or wrinkles that should have been pressed, no stains or spots that should have been removed, or any buttons missing that should have been replaced. We take the utmost care so that none of your clothes will be lost or misplaced.
Our new time-saving, hassle-free Pick-Up and Delivery Service includes...
* Delivery: * Once a week * twice a week or * On call service - no need to be home
* Payment Method - we accept Check or all major Credit Cards (Monthly billing by email)
* No extra charges for Pick-Up & Delivery Service
* Competitive Pricing
Professional Dry Cleanings, Plus...
* Expert Dry Cleaning of all Fabrics
* Shirt Laundering
* Tailoring and Alterations
* Tablecloths & Napkins
* Comforters & Blankets
* Draperies
* Rugs & Carpets
* Wedding Gowns Cleaned & Preserved
* Box Storage
* Bed Sheet & Pillow Cases Cleaning
We care for your garments
Bloomingdale Dry-Cleaners' employees are all well-trained and experienced. From when we receive your garments until they are returned to you, your clothes go through a 6-step quality inspection process and a 2-step quantity check process.
Stain Remover Specialist
"If we cannot remove stain from your garment, nobody can."


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