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Bloomingdale Cleaners

How we handle your Job...

As soon as we receive your clothes. We check for spots, stains, buttons, & loose threads.
They are thoroughly cleaned and hand finished by our experts, then they are inspected again and finally packaged to keep them fresh and ready to wear.


Pre-inspection by Counter Person.
Upon your order, counter person inspects general condition of your garments, manufacturer's care instruction, stain, hole and etc. And note any special attention needed.

After pre-inspection, each garment is carefully tagged and entered to our computer inventory system in order to prevent any lost and misplaced.

Stain Spot check by Spotter.
Our expert spotter removes stains without damaging your garment. It needs truly professional's touch. Wrong choice of chemical and treating time is critical. It can damage the fabric and original garment's color.

Cleaning Stage.
All your garments are cleaned with our state-of-the-art organic cleaning machine and laundry machine.

Inspection by Plant Inspector.
After cleaning stage, all cleaned garments are inspected by plant inspector. Any garment with defect is returned to previous stage for re-cleaning.

All garments are pressed and creased without any button and pocket flaps' impressions.

Quality check by #1 Inspector.
In this stage, we double check any missed spot or wrinkles. Any missing or loose buttons will be repaired. If a garment doesn't pass inspection, it is returned to appropriate stage.

Bagging & Final inspection.
We package your garment along with an appropriate finishing packing material such as collar support, tissue, box and bags. And our final quality inspector carefully removes any remained lint and wrinkles.


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